Designing the Perfect Workspace

Regardless of whether we’re working on a personal project, or work as a freelance from home, it’s of the utmost importance that we create the perfect workspace. Although we may assume the home is ideal, there can be a series of occurrences that mean very little gets done through the day.

The perfect workspace should be practical and beneficial and be tailored around what works for you. Evidently, there will be some considerations to make when creating the perfect workspace, but the following tips will ensure that you’re ready to go sooner rather than later.

How Much Space Do You Need?

When creating the perfect workspace many of us will try and make do with the space available, but this isn’t the ideal approach. Putting up with the space available can often mean we’re no further on that we were before in relation to productivity, which defies the object.

Ascertaining how much we need could limit possibilities in the home, but it will unearth other options you may want to consider.

One option could be the use of garden office pods. These are essentially rooms that are situated away from the home and can be tailored to your exact requirements. Not only will this ensure that you’ve got the perfect space to work within, but it also ensures that you’re free from distractions when working.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Nobody likes investing in new equipment if it can be avoided. However, working with aged or defective goods could mean that we’re not able to fulfil our duties, and can be very frustrating when trying to get work done.

Being realistic in what equipment is needed allows you to source the best deals and ensure that the items you’re buying are fit for purpose. For example, if you work in graphic design, then it’s likely a budget computer will fail at delivering a smooth experience task due to the low specs.

Invest in a Good Chair

Have you been working at the dining room table and find that you feel a little stiff afterwards? Then it’s time to invest in a new chair. What chair you purchase can depend on your budget, and whether you have any current ailments to consider.

Those who suffer from back pains will need to ensure that the chair they buy can be adapted into a comfortable position.

It’s also important that the chair purchased can be used for several hours without causing any stiffness or back pain. Of course, you should always be stretching your legs throughout the day, but the right chair will ensure that we’re more comfortable throughout the day, which ensures more work gets done as a result.

Invest in the Right Desk

Not everyone will need a desk with drawers and shelves, but if your current working conditions are blighted by paperwork and pens, then some organisation could be needed.

It’s not only the aesthetics of the desk you must consider, but also the practicality. If you have to deal with a lot of files, then ensure your desk has a section that can easily store these files. Similarly, if you have different devices such as a printer and a video camera, then you may want you to invest in a desk that keeps these items separate from the main work area.

Again, it’s about what works for you, so it can be worthwhile taking some time out and really thinking about what you need from your desk to work in the most productive way.

Try and Create a Room with a View

Ensuring that we’re able to create the right working space isn’t limited to what we place within the space, but also the views we have.

Anyone who has worked in an office before will know how uninspiring grey walls and windowless rooms can be.

As such, it can be beneficial to acquire a workspace that offers some form of view to ensures that you’re always inspired, regardless of the task you’re carrying out.

Although this won’t always be possible, it can make all the difference when it comes to productivity, so if a room doesn’t offer the view you’re looking for, then it may be worthwhile considering some other options.

Let the Colour Scheme Match Your Mood

The colour of our workspace isn’t limited to our aesthetic choices, as it has been shown that different colours produce emotional responses.

Those who have busy or stressful days will find that low-wavelength colours such as green and blue to inject some calmness into your daily work routine.

Similarly, those who operate in a creative sector may want to make use of yellow to help with inspiration.

There is no right or wrong approach when it comes to the colours you have in your office, you just need to ensure that the approach you take is one that is suited to you.

Choose the Right Lighting

How you light the office can make all the difference as to how functional the workspace is. The benefits of sitting near a window have already been outlined, but it can also be a great way of letting some natural light.

If the power of overhead lights is too much, then why not invest in subtler desk lighting. The lighting of the workspace can be a great way of complimenting the overall décor and ensures that the workspace you use if practical at all times of the day.

The tips you take on board will vary depending on your goals but taking some time to concentrate on what works for you ensures that your new workspace is the best it can be.