Can I see the pods?

2021-12-13T13:25:26+00:0017th November 2021|

Yes, we have a fabulous showroom with the ufficio, medio, massimo and SOLAR pods all on display.  The showroom is open 9-2pm Monday - Saturday [...]

Do the pods only come fully assembled?

2021-12-13T13:25:30+00:0017th November 2021|

The pods can be fully constructed and craned into position if access allows.  Most however are built in parts and assembled on site.

What is included in the price?

2021-12-13T13:25:33+00:0016th November 2021|

All our pods come beautifully finished to a high standard specification. We offer a full turnkey finish as standard, which is: The actual pod unit installed (as [...]

What are your payment terms?

2022-05-03T16:50:11+01:0015th November 2021|

Once you have decided on your perfect pod, you can pay for it through our payment schedule: 30% is required to secure the installation date [...]

Do I need planning permission?

2021-12-13T13:25:41+00:008th November 2021|

The pods, or generally any garden building, falls under the permitted development rights in Scotland, meaning you don't require planning consent for installing one, there [...]

How long can I expect my pod to last?

2021-12-13T13:25:45+00:007th November 2021|

Your pod comes with a 10-year guarantee for the structure.  On completion, we issue guidance on how to look after your pod. You can expect [...]