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Urbanpods is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of garden rooms in the UK today. There’s no denying that many of us enjoy our garden, especially in the summer months, but wouldn’t it be great a garden room that we retreat to at any time of the year?

Fortunately, Urbanpods is a seasoned professional when it comes to creating aesthetically-pleasing and practical contemporary garden rooms that can offer a variety of different uses, regardless of what the climate is like outside. Some may be looking for a dedicated gaming room, while budding musicians may require a space when they can record undisturbed, or you may be looking to use as a garden office.

Whatever your requirements, UrbanPods can deliver all you’re looking for and more at an affordable price.

Insulated Contemporary Garden Rooms 

Urbanpods offer a range of options that can meet your budget and requirements. If you’re looking to create a games room or place to relax but only have a small budget, then why not choose from one of the four pre-designed garden pods?

If you’d rather have your own design implemented then fear not, as Urbanpods can offer bespoke garden rooms that can meet your requirements with minimal effort.

All garden rooms are manufactured in Edinburgh and delivered to your address so the installation team can ensure that your luxury garden rooms are built to last for the foreseeable future and can be used as you see fit.

What Are Garden Rooms?

A garden room is a building that can be used for any occasion. Not only can they be used throughout the year without hindrance, customers can also be confident that they will meet the requirements of new build house standard.


This allows homeowners and businesses to create additional space that is cost-affordable, practical and comfortable. Some may be looking for some additional storage, while others may want to make use of insulated garden room so family and friends can stay over following a celebration.


Whatever the reason, more and more people are finding that modern garden retreats are just as effective as any form of extensions and are most cost-effective overall.

Eco friendly?

Absolutely. Urbanpods can offer eco garden rooms since only sustainable materials are used during manufacturing, regardless of whether customers opt for a pre-designed option or bespoke.


All pods are 80% pre-manufactured in the warehouse meaning that wastage is optimised. The insulated garden rooms only use the most innovative materials on the market ensuring customers don’t have to be concerned about heat escaping.


Evidently, more and more people are ensuring that they’re only investing in products and services that don’t impact the environment when being manufactured.

Can Bespoke Garden Rooms Be Used for Office Space?

Those looking to create an office environment at home often find that space is limited, so the use of bespoke garden offices can help achieve the perfect workspace, regardless of your profession. Not only can customers be confident that a comfortable workspace is in place, but it can be designed to meet their exact specifications.

What else can it be used for?

The possibilities are endless when making use of garden rooms. For example, they can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Commercial customers may want to create an annexe pod that fits in with the rest of their building for training or breaks, whereas residential customers have endless possibilities.


If you’re considering the concept of introducing a garden building, but you’re unsure of whether an urban pod is suitable for your requirements, then why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Is an urbapod a cheaper alternative to extending my home?

The garden rooms on offer are designed to be a cost-effective solution for those looking for some additional space at home without having to spend a small fortune. Bespoke garden rooms generally cost a third of what a conventional home extension would cost and are less complicated to implement.

Can an urbanpod add value to my home?

If the work is carried out in the right way, the implementation of modern garden rooms can add value to any home. The demand to work from home is increasing, and the use of eco garden rooms allows customers to create the perfect working environment that’s only mere seconds away from their main residence.


However, as garden rooms are separated from the rest of the property, there is no danger of your work life impacting your private life, and vice-versa.


In most instances, the introduction of modern garden rooms not only offer an affordable workspace, but it can also add as much as 10% to the overall value of your home.

We have had the pod a few weeks now - it is fabulous

So far we have used it for lots of purposes; as a secluded quiet space for reading, enjoying the sunshine on the pod deck, for yoga and as a chill space to listen to music. It has been well used by our kids as a social space as it has a cat 6 cable to enable them to use the internet and watch Netflix with their pals – they even have sleepovers in it over the weekends. I can also see us using it as a quiet and removed work space as it provides ideal conditions for concentration. All in alI we are delighted with the pod and it will be thoroughly used in the years to come. C Brown,  Edinburgh 

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