Our pods are not just any pods. They are architecturally designed, manufactured from quality materials, fully insulated and visually stunning too…so, what type of outdoor space do you want to create and love…?

bedroom pods

Overnight guests on fold down sofa beds – no more! Instead – a beautiful purpose built

bedroom with a garden view. Privacy for your guests, and less upheaval within your home. Add an en-suite, kitchenette and seating area and your guests may never want to leave!

Fantastic for teenage sleepovers too, close enough to keep eye on them but far enough not to keep you awake into the wee small hours!

glamping/airbnb pods

Staycations are surging in popularity – from a cheeky extra weekend away to the main summer holiday, as people enjoy the benefits of staying in the UK. Our pods provide ideal accommodation, with full insulation so they generate extra income throughout the year.

From just one pod, to a whole glamping site – urbanpods offers many options for you to build your business in a growing tourism sector.

garden music rooms

Extra soundproofing in our music pods makes them ideal for teaching music, practising or even to hold a jamming session with fellow musicians! We have been told the neighbours love them too…

The music pods are flexible enough to fit a grand piano if need be – and an extended deck can provide a perfect spot for your audience to appreciate your music skills.

garden office pods

Cut the commute – the home office is here to stay. Get away from the kitchen table – no more clearing your ‘workspace’ away for dinner. Create a quiet, private, inspiring work area away from the hustle and bustle of the house – and you can even pop home for coffee breaks!

Our range offers a variety of sizes, so the office can accommodate any number of work-stations if your garden space is large enough.

garden studio pods

Let the creative juices flow in a fantastic, inspiring studio pod. Designed to take let in lots of natural light, you can create a great environment for indulging your favourite hobbies. Perfect for painters, ideal for crafters, peaceful for writers – the pods offer a space that’s yours to design, decorate and love.

insulated garden rooms

Watch the garden change with the seasons. Our beautiful pods are so well insulated that they can be used confidently all year round. Designed to stay cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your garden in all conditions.

The beautiful full-length panoramic glazing brings the garden to you, so you can feel part of it – nestled in to observe the wildlife and enjoy the peace.

self contained garden pods

Have relatives live with you, at a safe distance! Whether elderly parents or disruptive teens – maintaining a perfect distance allows everyone to enjoy some independence and privacy, with the reassurance that you are just a couple of minutes away.

With open concept living, kitchenette, separate bedroom and shower room – we offer all that’s needed for self-contained living, even an extra bedroom if required.


Our urbanpods are pre-manufactured either fully constructed or in parts and shipped out to our clients’ homes for swift construction on site thus minimising time spent at your home, we endeavor at all times to keep the process as simple as it can be from conception to completion, it’s what separates us from our competitors.