Making the Most of Your Garden

Gardens can be more important to some than others, but there’s no denying how integral the humble garden can become. Regardless of whether we’re looking for some respite, or looking to catch up with friends and family, the garden can become the social hub of the home.

However, some may want to change the surroundings or just add some comfort to the environment to make their garden more enjoyable.

Fortunately, there are several ways those with green fingers can bring some more character to the garden while ensuring that they’re able to enjoy every aspect of their garden.

Plant Something New

Many of us will use our gardens to grow fruit and vegetables, and some may even find success at local competitions with their produce.

Trying out something news that only helps you keep your routine fresh in the garden, but it can often offer a lot of variety, both aesthetically and at meal times.

Some of the more unique herbs people are growing include lemongrass, chervil and mint.

Enjoy the View from a Hammock

Although not ideal for the colder months, in the summer a hammock can be a great addition to any garden. Not only does it add to a more peaceful and calmer ambience, but also offers a truly relaxing way of enjoying your garden during the warmer periods.

If you’ve nowhere to hang a hammock, then fear not. There are plenty of hammocks available that come complete with a frame and are just as easy to store away as conventional hammocks.

Watch Nature Takes Its Course

Nowadays, life can be very fast-paced and it’s easy to ignore the little things in life. Relaxing in the garden is the perfect way to truly enjoy what nature has to offer.

Many people enjoy watching the birds and the bees do their thing throughout the day, and it really can be an immersive experience. It can also allow budding photographers to take some truly unique shots.

Consider a Water Feature

A water feature can be a great way of complimenting the surrounding plants and can also bring a lot of character to the garden.

It’s not only the aesthetics of a water feature that can be alluring, but also the calming effect of the feature itself. The soothing sounds can help people destress after a busy day, and what better place to relax than in your garden.

Invest in Some Outdoor Furniture

Many people will have access to fold up chairs, but in most instances, these won’t offer the level of comfort needed to truly enjoy your garden. Investing in garden furniture not only allows you to enjoy your garden in more comfort but can also compliment the garden overall.

There’s no need to conform when it comes to garden furniture as there are many styles available at varying price points. Whether you’re looking for a simple budget solution or a more permanent stone fixture, there will be something available that fits the vision you’re looking for.

Bring the Indoors Outdoors

Although some may be fortunate enough to have a patio or a good view of the garden from the house, not everyone has the facilities in place to enjoy their garden when relaxing indoors.

However, more and more people are thinking outside the box when it comes to enjoying their garden and is finding innovative ways of creating the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor life.

Garden rooms are an example of how people are enjoying their garden in comfortable surroundings. Garden rooms are built in the garden itself but don’t interfere with the structure of your current property. It’s also possible to purchase a bespoke garden room that fits in with the aesthetics of the house itself.

Showcase Your Personality with Garden Ornaments

When we think of garden statues, many will be met with visions of garden gnomes. However, the choice available is plentiful, meaning that finding a statue that matches the personality of your garden shouldn’t be too difficult, and can become a real focal point in their garden.

You could opt for a unique surreal design, or maybe you’re more a fan of metal sculptures. There are even statues of zombies that can be purchased for those looking for a truly unique approach to their garden.

Upcycle Your Favourite Garden Items

Have you a piece of garden furniture that has seen better days, but it holds sentimental value? It’s understandable that we wouldn’t want to get rid of these items, but they can look a little out of place in the garden.

Fortunately, upcycling is a trend that has been gaining traction for some time and is the ideal way of giving new life to garden furniture without having to dispose of it.

Just Go with It

When working in the garden, it’s normal for us to try and bring the garden into line with others that we may have seen. But we need to remember that the work we’re carrying out is for our benefit, so we need to ensure that we’re enjoying every aspect of the work we’re carrying out.

If standard planters are too sterile, then why not give them a personality and add some arms and legs with smaller planters. Even old hubcaps can be used with a lick of paint to give your garden a unique set of flowers that won’t be found anywhere else.

The possibilities are endless, and the only limit in this approach is your imagination. If you’re looking for some inspiration, sits such as Pinterest have hundreds of pins dedicated to garden décor, and some of them are truly awe-inspiring.

Making the most of the garden can mean different things to different people but making sure that the garden emulates your personality while having facilities to enjoy the garden throughout the year will ensure that you’re always getting the most from your garden.