the medio

Architecturally designed and created to provide an outdoor office or living retreat, a place where one can “still be at home, but not be at home”

The medio has all the equipment and functionality for those who seek the perfect office environment whilst working from home. A step up from the urban ufficio pod, the medio provides just that little extra space one may require for a range of alternative uses. Whether it used as an office retreat, music room, art studio, beauty room, the medio ticks the boxes for those who require just that little “extra space” to function within.

With more glazing than our ufficio pod provides that extra feeling of being as one within your garden environment or outdoor space.

Our unique thermally insulated building fabric allows our pods to be used just as regularly as you would within a home office or normal studio environment.

Our trademark contemporary design and use of aesthetically pleasing building materials ensures a structure that is subtle within its environment and surroundings it is placed within.

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