Our Materials

Please have a read though our material specification and general urbanpod wall, floor and roof make up.

Wall type 1

  • 12.5mm plasterboard scrim taped and skimmed on 25mm service void batton’s creating a service void for electrical cables and pipe work, which eliminates any punctures in the vapour control layer.
  • 1 x layer of Protect VC foil Ultra, full fitted, taped and sealed between floor and wall junctions.
  • 145 x 45 C16 timber stud work at 450mm wide centres, fully clad with 11mm OSB board, fully secured to our structural stud work.
  • Spacing between stud work full filled with Rigid PIR insulating board.
  • 1 x layer of Protect TF200 Thermo providing the “Ultimate protect solution” when incorporated with the protect VC Foil.
  • 50mm x 38 mm timber batton’s creating a fully breathable space between the cladding and structural timber frame.
  • Choice of Siberian Larch or Western Red cedar selected from sustainable sources, fully nailed with stainless steel nails to prevent rust marks over time.



Floor type 1

  • Laminate or engineered floor finish over 18mm chipboard subfloor.
  • 145 x 45 C16 timber floor joists fitted at 450mm structural centres.
  • Spacing between timber joists to be full filled with 145mm Ridgid PIR insulating board.
  • Structure to be placed upon EasyPAD adjustable foundation system.

Roof type 1

  • Single ply EPDM roof membrane offering a 25year manufacturers guarantee, fully adhered to 9mm marine plywood over sheet.
  • 50mm Rigid PIR insulation board fitted over 18mm marine plywood roof deck.
  • 195 x 45 C16 structural timber roof joists with 75mm PIR Ridgid board insulation fitted with the rafter spacing.
  • Ceiling clad with Protect VC foil ultra with 25mm x 50mm service void battons.
  • Finally, we line the ceiling with 1 layer of 12.5mm plasterboard fully scrim taped and skimmed.

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