Our pods look great, for sure. But that’s not enough – they have to be of the best possible quality as well. urbanpods may not be the cheapest on the market, but we believe our pods are the best.

Let’s show you why.


We dedicate extensive time and effort to meticulously research optimal materials and production techniques. Our focus is on staying abreast of the latest design concepts and integrating them into our product range in a cost-effective manner. Through continuous innovation, we strive to enhance our pods to their utmost potential. Our commitment extends to minimizing our carbon footprint and crafting environmentally friendly pods to the best of our ability.


Our urbanpod partners are meticulously selected, comprising a seasoned team of architects and consultants. These professionals, with whom we have established a proven and reliable collaboration, play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the superiority of our design and performance. Their expertise is integral to our commitment to surpassing industry standards and delivering unparalleled excellence in every aspect of our urbanpods.

Cutting edge design

Considerable dedication is invested to ensure that your urbanpod™ becomes a striking contemporary enhancement to your outdoor environment. The combination of grey sheet metal cladding and timber not only yields an aesthetically pleasing outcome but also guarantees a design with purpose in every detail. It’s not just about visual appeal; every element is meticulously crafted with functionality in mind.


Only the best is good enough for your pod. Having a beautiful pod is awesome, but it must be thermally efficient, long-lasting and weather-proof. The best of materials are sourced after exhaustive research, and the workmanship is second to none. Our skilled team consists of experienced builders and trades people, both in the factory and on-site, able to address challenging issues as they arise.


Every element of your urbanpod is carefully selected to contribute to minimizing our carbon footprint. Through the integration of top-performing insulation, construction materials and production methods helps achieve virtually zero heat loss, resulting in more efficient heating and subsequently reducing energy consumption and lowering running cost.


We believe we offer the best value in the market. You may find a cheaper pod, but we don’t believe you’ll find a comparable one for the same cost. urbanpods offer superior design, quality and workmanship at a price that’s competitive. We offer you a space that you’ll love for many years to come.


Our quality control doesn’t end in the factory. Our skilled installation team consists of experienced designers and trades poeple, who are committed to ensuring your pod is fitted securely, is comfortable and in full working order before they leave your home. All of our teams are urbanpod trained to ensure the end-result meets our high standards across all of our installations.


Our urbanpods are pre-manufactured either fully constructed or in parts and shipped out to our clients’ homes for swift construction on site thus minimising time spent at your home, we endeavor at all times to keep the process as simple as it can be from conception to completion, it’s what separates us from our competitors.