Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat, an office space, or more living area, our pods offer a fantastic option.  There is lots to think about in the design you settle on, let’s consider some of them.

Dark or Sunny? …….

There are two schools of thought on where to locate your pod. Some put theirs in a dark spot in the garden to make dead space usable,  while others put it in the sunniest spot to grab all those rays – both are just as good. To help you decide, it is a good idea to think about its primary use.  For example, if it is an office then a darker spot is perhaps the better option to keep direct sunlight off your computer screen and keep you nice and cool in the summer months.  If it is more of a social space, then maybe a hotter spot may be your choice.  Spent time observing the light and how it may affect the location of the pod.  Which brings us on to the design.

The design is vital…..

Working out the best design is really important to maximise the pods use and take in its surroundings.  Our pods are completely customisable, we have standard sizes, but if those don’t suit then we can build one to fit your exact space. There is also a reduced height pod available, so it is now possible to tuck the pod closer to the fence allowing better use of your garden.

The type of windows chosen and door placement can really enhance your pod and are vital to the design.  They can take in the light and views to the max if thought about carefully.  Horizontal windows are increasingly popular, positioned at desk height they can really enhance your working day as you take a moment to gaze out at nature. The roof light is popular too, offering added light and a sense of being connected upwards.

How it’s made….

This part is make or break for a pod as optimal use is essential.   Our pods comply with building standards and have an EPC rating A.  The takeout of this is that your pod can be used in any weather, at any time of the year. They are essentially a mini newbuild house, so lovely warm structures.

By carefully considering these essential factors, for your pod transforms your outdoor space into a functional and inviting retreat. Whether you seek solitude amidst nature or a versatile living area, a well-chosen pod can enrich your lifestyle and enhance the beauty of your surroundings. We consider these factors for each and every client through our home survey service, the result, a pod that meets your needs and stands the test of time.  


Our urbanpods are pre-manufactured either fully constructed or in parts and shipped out to our clients’ homes for swift construction on site thus minimising time spent at your home, we endeavor at all times to keep the process as simple as it can be from conception to completion, it’s what separates us from our competitors.