Our pods look great, for sure. But that’s not enough – they have to be of the best possible quality as well. urbanpods quality, design and prices give you the best option around – and that’s reinforced by our leading brand partners, who have selected us to team up with.  

CALA Homes

urbanpods is proud to be partnered with CALA West. We offer CALA customers an urbanpod complete and ready for your move in date.


urbanpods has partnered with the Danish contemporary interior designand furniture brand BoConcept to offer our clients a range of exclusive furniture packages with fantastic discounts when purchasing alongside your pod.

urbanpods has been working alongside Baberton Golf Club to deliver the most fantastic golf simulator fully equipt for teaching and practice. The new facility has state of the art trackman equipment provided by GSL Golf Simulators Ltd and is a fantastic addition to the club offering members and the pro many more hours of play in destinations as exotic as Pebble Beach.

Hydropool Scotland
With people embracing outdoor living more and more, the addition of a hot tub deck to the urbanpod is a very popular choice for many clients, this is why urbanpods has teamed up with premium brand Hyrdopool to provide the complete package. Offering a huge range of hot tubs and swim spas, our clients are spoilt for choice.

At urbanpods, we know the importance of building on the right foundations. That is why we are proud to partner with RADIX, installing their industry-leading ground screws as our preferred foundation solution. RADIX Ground Screws are the more sustainable and low-impact alternative to concrete that can be installed without digging up or damaging your garden or our environment. Installation is possible all year round and in any weather, and we can start building on them right away, so you can get your pod sooner than you thought.

Hydropool Scotland
Visting the urbanpods showroom from a far? Stay in perfect luxury with our partner Dakota Edinburgh. Indulge in Dakota Hotel’s effortlessly chic guest rooms and suites and eat at the Dakota Bar and Grill in a casual, yet refined bar setting.


Our urbanpods are pre-manufactured either fully constructed or in parts and shipped out to our clients’ homes for swift construction on site thus minimising time spent at your home, we endeavor at all times to keep the process as simple as it can be from conception to completion, it’s what separates us from our competitors.