Our urbanpods™ have a variety of uses, whether that be a garden office pod, a separate annex pod, a games room or simply just a quiet space to relax.


Architecturally designed, our pods are created to provide an outdoor office or living retreat, a place for you. A space to love.


Small but perfectly formed, the ufficio’s compact size and space saving design means it can fit perfectly into a small urban garden, providing great extra space without losing any of the fantastic features we offer as standard.

The medio is the next size up from ufficio, suitable for medium-sized gardens or plots yet still perfect for a two-desk office, a home gym, therapy room or a sitting room retreat to enjoy your garden all year round.



If you’re needing to go a bit bigger – The perfetto offers good-sized rooms, with huge versatility and can make wonderful entertaining spaces, additional lounges or spare bedrooms and could provide a large spacious office.

Go large with the massimo. Biggest in our range, the massimo is a fantastic, versatile structure with great light flooding in from the full-length window feature. An attractive option for many, its uses are only limited by your imagination…



In case you didn’t see the perfect pod for you in our range, we can design one to your specification. For living, playing or business – the bespoke pod can fit your needs, often more cost effectively than many other solutions you might consider. So talk to us first, and see if our team can help build exactly what you want…

Our newest, and highly popular addition is the cucina – an open structure perfect for cooking and entertaining al fresco! Designed to make the most of the summer, the open panels inspire outdoor dining, and yet provide shelter from the changeable weather…



Fancy a solar-powered home office? Need a faster installation?

Our SOLÄR pods come finished and ready to use. Using advanced technology these pods include solar panels, a battery for power storage, infra-red heating, solar reflective glass, and a clever energy usage data & control system.

They can be used straight away, as they come with an integrated desk and storage too.