love your space

Create a beautiful, inspiring outdoor room and add the valuable extra space that your home, hobby or business really needs. urbanpods designs and builds spaces that you’ll love to spend time in, made from the finest materials and to the highest standards.

Garden Pods & Garden Rooms in Scotland

Architecturally designed, our pods are created to provide an outdoor office or living retreat, a place for you. A space to love.

WHY urbanpods?

urbanpods are useful in all sorts of ways both for individuals and for businesses.
Let your imagination run free, get in touch to see how we can make your urbanpod dream become a reality.

Additional space
Cheaper than extending
Warm & Cosy

Designed for
your space

Quick installation
Inside outside
Planning rarely required
Adds value to
your home
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In case you didn’t see the perfect pod for you in our range, we can design one to your specification. For living, playing or business – the bespoke pod can fit your needs, often more cost effectively than many other solutions you might consider. So talk to us first, and see if our team can help build exactly what you want…

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