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Create a beautiful, inspiring outdoor room and add the valuable extra space that your home, hobby or business really needs. urbanpods designs and builds spaces that you’ll love to spend time in, made from the finest materials and to the highest standards.

Garden Rooms Galashiels

Elevate your space with a high-quality garden pod! Explore what we can offer you below.

Have you ever dreamed of crafting a retreat within your own garden—a place removed from the routine commotion of the main house? Envision a fully insulated garden room in your Galashiels garden, where you can bask in the tranquillity of nature and the luxury of solitude!

Whether you’re aiming for a practical garden office, a vibrant games room, or the quintessential artist’s studio, our garden pods are versatile enough to fulfil any role. Now’s the time to design an idyllic spot to relax, create, or focus on your work pursuits. Get your garden pod today and embrace the exceptional blend of nature and comfort!

These remarkable garden rooms are designed with every individual in mind. They offer pocket-friendly elegance and functionality without sacrificing a customer-first approach. Also, they seamlessly blend with your outdoor landscape, enhancing the natural beauty of your Galashiels home.

Refined Outdoor Pods for Your Home in Galashiels

urbanpods provide a novel solution to the traditional home extension by crafting a deluxe garden room in your garden. This space offers luxury without the usual red tape associated with planning permissions or the significant financial outlay typical of expansions.

Our pre-built opulent garden rooms come at approximately a third of the expense you’d incur for extending your property properly and are made using materials that respect the environment, promising a sustainable addition to your garden.

Explore our stylish garden room designs that promise unparalleled quality and modern functionality, ready to be customised for whatever purposes you have in mind.

These luxurious garden rooms are your own personal escape and can even increase your property’s value by up to 10%.

Simply give us a call or come visit, and you’ll be on your way to having your very own urbanpod. It’s the ultimate method of enjoying the great Scottish outdoors from the comfort of an indoor sanctuary!

Crafted With the Finest Materials and Expertise

Our garden rooms in Galashiels stand as a testament to superior craftsmanship, constructed with only the finest materials. You can tailor this extra space for any activity—whether you need a quiet place to unwind, a snug family room, or an entertainment area.

Elevate your pod with luxury amenities such as a hot tub, underfloor heating, or large, thermal aluminium doors, which ensure the indoor climate is always comfortable, no matter the weather outdoors.

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We use eco-friendly materials and practice a zero-waste manufacturing process, making our garden offices and pods responsible choices for the environment. Our professional designers are known for their ability to create modern, elegant garden rooms that bring new life to gardens throughout Scotland.

The opportunity to enhance your home in Galashiels with an urbanpod is just a phone call away. Don’t miss the chance to expand your living space with elegance and efficiency!

The Infinite Applications of Custom-Made Garden Rooms

Home office

Embrace the growing trend of home-based work by setting up a secluded office in your garden. Our sleek office pods provide a tranquil, organised space that encourages focus and efficiency away from the distractions of home life.

Music Studio

For the musically inclined, conflict with family leisure time is no longer an issue. Equip your garden pod with all the necessary electrical outlets for your instruments. Sound-proof aluminium doors keep your practice sessions private and disrupt neither your family nor your neighbours.

Garden gym

The luxury of a personalised home gym is unmatched. Customise your garden pod for your fitness pursuits, and perhaps indulge in a hot tub for those moments of relaxation after an intense workout session.

Additional Living Area

A garden room also offers the flexibility to become an extra living space for leisure or hobbies. Imagine a tranquil spot for reading, meditating, or enjoying hobbies that require concentration and peace away from the main household.

Beyond the Basics

Your garden room serves whatever purpose you need, from a playroom for children to a serene yoga studio. These garden rooms are the solution for space constraints, providing luxury and practicality as a seamless extension of your home.

Why Select Our Services?

We provide economical garden rooms without compromising on quality, crafted by top architects and designers. We oversee the entire process, from conception to completion. Our materials are sustainable, and our processes are waste-free—making our products environmentally responsible.

Our reputation in Scotland as the foremost provider of garden rooms is well-established. Whether you seek an office pod, a gym, or additional living space, our urbanpods and dedicated customer service are second to none.

Ready to transform your garden? Contact us to commence your urbanpod journey today.

Do garden pods add value?2021-12-13T16:07:47+00:00

Garden pods do add value to your home. They cost about 1/3 the cost of building an extension to your home and can add up to 10% value to your building. They are a very worthwhile investment.

How big does my garden need to be for a pod?2023-10-25T11:59:57+01:00

Pods come in different sizes but must be at least 1 metre away from your property boundary.

Can a garden pod be used all year round?2021-12-13T16:07:00+00:00

Yes, garden pods can be used all year for any purpose you wish. There are no disadvantages to adding garden rooms or a garden office to your property.

We have had the pod a few weeks now – it is fabulous, So far we have used it for lots of purposes; as a secluded quiet space for reading, enjoying the sunshine on the pod deck, for yoga and as a chill space to listen to music. It has been well used by our kids as a social space as it has a cat 6 cable to enable them to use the internet and watch Netflix with their pals – they even have sleepovers in it over the weekends. I can also see us using it as a quiet and removed work space as it provides ideal conditions for concentration. All in alI we are delighted with the pod and it will be thoroughly used in the years to come.
C Brown, Edinburgh