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Create a beautiful, inspiring outdoor room and add the valuable extra space that your home, hobby or business really needs. urbanpods designs and builds spaces that you’ll love to spend time in, made from the finest materials and to the highest standards.

Garden Rooms Livingston

Elevate your space with a high-quality garden pod! Explore what we can offer you below.

Ever fancied an extension to your home, a peaceful retreat away from the daily grind? Picture this: nestled in your Livingston garden, a fully insulated haven awaits – a garden room inviting you to relish nature’s tranquillity while reveling in complete serenity.

Envision the possibilities within this garden retreat – a home office, a games room, or perhaps the perfect studio space. Introducing the garden pod, your personal sanctuary to unwind, create, or conduct business amidst nature’s embrace.

Tailored to suit everyone and pocket-friendly, our special garden rooms are meticulously designed with your needs at the forefront.

Luxurious Outdoor Pods for Your Livingston Home

At urbanpods, we craft bespoke garden rooms that offer you a lavish dedicated space within your garden, bypassing the hassle of planning permissions and extravagant costs.

Our high-quality garden rooms, pre-constructed for your convenience, cost a fraction of what expanding your property would entail. Crafted from sustainable materials, they epitomise eco-friendliness.

A diverse array of designs awaits your selection, each boasting top-tier quality and contemporary functionality, accommodating any purpose you desire!

These luxurious garden rooms not only provide exclusive personal space but can also increase your property’s value by up to 10%. The trend of standalone garden buildings is rapidly gaining popularity in Livingston, across the UK, and globally.

Simply get in touch for more details, and soon, your very own urbanpod will become a reality. Experience the outdoors while nestled comfortably indoors – a lifestyle unlike any other!

Crafted with the Finest Materials and Craftsmanship

Our luxury garden rooms in Livingston are a testament to premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether it’s a space for relaxation, a cosy family room, a gaming den, or a home office, our pods are tailored to meet your every need!

Customise your pod for utmost luxury and comfort with options like hot tubs, underfloor heating, and full-size aluminium doors ensuring the perfect temperature inside.

We prioritise sustainability, ensuring zero wastage in our construction processes, making our garden rooms and offices 100% eco-friendly. Renowned for our talented designers, we deliver modern garden rooms across Scotland.

Don’t wait to add extra space to your home – secure your urbanpod today!

Versatile Uses of Bespoke Garden Rooms

Home office

Embrace the trend of working from home by setting up your office space within the tranquillity of our beautiful garden rooms. Find focus and peace amidst nature’s beauty.

Music room

Pursue your musical passions without disturbing the household. Equipped with power sockets and sound-proof aluminium doors, your garden pod becomes the perfect private space for your melodies.

Garden gym

Transform your pod into a personal fitness sanctuary. Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere for your workout routine and unwind with a hot tub afterward.

Extra living space

Whether for hobbies, relaxation, or family time, your garden room can serve as an additional living area to escape and unwind.

And much more!

The versatility of our garden rooms knows no bounds. They are the epitome of luxury, providing an effortless solution for more space.

Why Choose Us?

Our garden rooms offer affordability without compromise, crafted by top architects and designers. From design to installation, we handle every step, ensuring sustainability and excellent customer service.

As Scotland’s premier garden room providers, our urbanpods serve as office spaces, gyms, and living areas, catering to diverse needs.

Order yours today by giving us a call!

Do garden pods add value?2021-12-13T16:07:47+00:00

Garden pods do add value to your home. They cost about 1/3 the cost of building an extension to your home and can add up to 10% value to your building. They are a very worthwhile investment.

How big does my garden need to be for a pod?2023-10-25T11:59:57+01:00

Pods come in different sizes but must be at least 1 metre away from your property boundary.

Can a garden pod be used all year round?2021-12-13T16:07:00+00:00

Yes, garden pods can be used all year for any purpose you wish. There are no disadvantages to adding garden rooms or a garden office to your property.

We have had the pod a few weeks now – it is fabulous, So far we have used it for lots of purposes; as a secluded quiet space for reading, enjoying the sunshine on the pod deck, for yoga and as a chill space to listen to music. It has been well used by our kids as a social space as it has a cat 6 cable to enable them to use the internet and watch Netflix with their pals – they even have sleepovers in it over the weekends. I can also see us using it as a quiet and removed work space as it provides ideal conditions for concentration. All in alI we are delighted with the pod and it will be thoroughly used in the years to come.
C Brown, Edinburgh