Our Approach

At urbanpods, our approach to the garden pod market is somewhat different to our competitors, our aim is to bring to the market a superior garden pod, with the best in innovative design and insulation properties at a cost that is better than our competitors.

By researching the best materials, partnering with the best consultants and architects, we have been able to bring to the market a superior designed and better performing product than our competitorsโ€ฆโ€ฆat a better cost. This has only been achieved by applying the time and dedication into our designs and procuring the best materials available on the market today.

Yes, there are less expensive garden pods and sunrooms available in the UK market today, but none come with the superior build quality and insulated properties that our urbanpods do, none offer the comfort and build quality at a competitive cost that our urbanpods do.

Cutting edge design. Incorporating a mixture of timber and grey sheet metal cladding, produce an end result that is contemporary, but at the same time – subtle within any urban garden our pods are placed within.

Superior build quality. At urbanpods we only use the best materials available on the market today. With our extensive research analysis, we have procured the very best in materials to make up the overall building fabric of your urbanpod.

Eco friendly design. All of our components used in our urbanpods play a vital role in reducing our carbon footprint. By incorporating the best performing insulation and building materials means that we have produced an end product that has virtually no heat loss, thus reducing the amount of power used to heat your urbanpod. Less heat loss = less time used to maintain heat.

Our ethos and superior quality of workmanship doesnโ€™t just end at the manufacture stage, our level of commitment and build quality is continued through to our onsite installation of your new urbanpod. Our team of highly skilled urbanpodders are put through extensive training to ensure that all our urbanpods meet the required standard we aim to achieve, and the end result is the same from the first to the last.

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