At urbanpods our goal is not only to produce an aesthetically great end product that fits beautifully within the setting it is placed within, we also concentrate and put the same effort into our technical design.

With our highly experienced technicians and design consultants we have identified an unrivalled approach to urbanpod or garden room design – our goal is to design and produce an environment that can be used all year round whilst still maintaining functionality and overall appeal.

With our innovative use of insulated materials, vapour control layers and insulated building fabrics combined with high standards of workmanship, we at urbanpods have been able to produce an end product and insulated envelope that not only meets current building standards of insulation conformity…. but we have bettered it.

Our standard wall make up consists of 10 layers of fabric, from the stunning cedar or larch cladding all the way to the internal finish, we have procured the ultimate in insulated materials available and combined it with cutting edge design to produce the best insulated garden space available on the market today, unrivalled by our competitors.

Our approach is different to our competitors, we don’t apply all of our time and focus on the look of the product, we share this and divide this equally within the technical side of the design………. The important side. Why invest in an outdoor retreat that merely adopts the same standards as a conservatory? Our urbanpods are designed in such a way that they do not produce the “conservatory effect” where it be too cold or too hot to enjoy within the space.

A typical example of our thermal value calculations and how they fair against current building standards. (remember, the lower the figure the better)

Urban Pods

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Urbanpod value Current regs
Walls 0.21w/m2k 0.22w/m2k
flat roof 0.17w/m2k 0.18w/m2k
floor 0.11w/m2k 0.18w/m2k
upvc glazing 0.14w/m2k 0.16w/m2k
alu clad glazing 0.10w/m2k 0.16w/m2k

Please have a browse through some of our technical drawing details and make a judgement for yourself!

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